Marketing Management


Life cycles of products are becoming shorter, development costs are rising. You as well should promote a consistent client and market orientation of your whole service portfolio and through that of all structures and processes.


What markets have you not entered yet? Do you have new products? How long do "time-to-market" and “time-to-money" take?

Profit from our international experience regarding the development and the implementation of competitive advantages through:


  • Product/market strategies
  • Market stimulation strategies
  • Market coverage strategies
  • Implementation measures for the operative marketing (4P)
  • e-Commerce, SEO, Affilitate Marketing, Newsletter, Social Media Marketing, A/B- Multivariatetest, Business Analytics, KOL
  • Process-supportive training and coaching of your employees and executives
  • Development and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility strategies (CSR)

Why should someone buy something from you, of all existing companies?

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