Business Intelligence


Are you aware of what your employees and company know? What kind of half-life period does the factual knowledge of your employees have? - 2,5 years! How wide and how deep does your access to the market-specific and project-related customer knowledge of your employees go? – You have almost none!

The learning company will profit from the knowledge of its employees, clients and competition, after we will counsel and accompany it in the development process of a company-specific system.


Profit from our international experience with years of experience in the field of knowledge management regarding the development and the implementation of competitive advantages through:


  • Analysis of existing lines of communication and informational structures
  • Analysis of the processes regarding the migration of knowledge
  • Structures for market-oriented knowledge management
  • Adoption of the necessary processes for the collection, transmission and updating of knowledge
  • Process-supportive training and coaching of your employees and executives
  • Process-supportive implementation in your company

Knowledge is the only thing that multiplies through use!

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